Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I want to start this post first and foremost with a heart felt thank you to all those who helped me win the Cutting Edge Stencils Facebook fan contest. I started this blog just a mere month ago and have been so excited to see that people are reading it and participating! Now it's MY turn to give back to you!

As some of you might have already seen in my previous post (here and here), I was working on a stencil project in our master bedroom that seemed to take forever to complete, when the company that I purchased my stencil through decided to do a customer photo submission contest via Facebook. I of course hurried to take a picture of my work and enter the contest for my chance to win. Much to my surprise, with the help of YOU, I won 2nd place! What did I win you ask? I got a credit to the Cutting Edge Stencils store.  I decided that since I couldn't have won without your help, why not host my first giveaway? After all, everyone else seems to do it.

So without further ado, below is your chance to enter to win the Moroccan Dream all over stencil. (The same pattern I used on my feature wall)

Photo credit: Cutting Edge Stencils

You get 2 chances to win: follow my blog and/or leave a comment telling me how you plan to use the stencil.  It's that easy! The contest ends on Friday so hurry up and enter!

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  1. Oh Oh Oh!!! Pick me! Pick Me!!! I'd love to use it (for practice first) on the house that the hubby and I are moving into in February, before I use it on the unknown house that we're going to buy after that. There is a small bathroom that really could be re-painted (sponge painting is so out) and it'd be the perfect place to try it!! :)


  2. girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllll you KNOW i'd do my room or bathroom (whichever husband lets me stencil!) ILOVEQUATS!!

  3. Hey Missy,
    Not sure if I logged in right but I'm trying! I'd stencil our office whenever we finally replace the drywall...maybe winning a stencil would be reason to get it done!

  4. Love it! I would use it in our bedroom too! I think it would look so subtle but have a HUGE impact by using the same color but two different finishes, something like eggshell as the base color and then use a satin finish for the stencil!

  5. I'd like to win it then have you come and stencil for me, please. :)

  6. I would totally stencil my master bath with this!