Friday, June 22, 2012

Working from home

Great start to my weekend....working from home lounging around the house in my sweats. OK, for real I AM working...just in my pj's. :) I have a list of things I need to do, both for work and at home, but I have the hardest time getting motivated! (I don't know how my husband did this for so long).

On today's list there are a variety of projects and activities.  For starters, I need to just do the general housework.  Booo who wants to do that? So instead, I've spent my morning coming up with more fun things to do. I saw this on Pinterest via (Shoestring Sophistication Blog) a few days ago and am planning a trip to Home Depot a little later.

I also have a a major project I just need to finish! For some reason I have not had the motivation to do the very little that is left. I think my husband is tired of going to bed every night with the room looking like this: (There is even less to do now!) Who can blame him right? As Nike says..."Just Do It!"

Right now I am having a hard time pulling myself away from the computer due to cute overload! Meet Milo the cat! :)

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy this hot weekend by the pool.  As for me, I will be heading to a wedding!

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